Draw Shoot Move Launches!

2016-06-29   David Blackwell   none  

Welcome to Draw Shoot Move, the free, online, VFX stock footage library!

Free. VFX. Stock Footage. Library.

The above roughly translates to free stock footage you can use creatively! Interested? Then read on!

Draw Shoot Move makes practical effects footage. I record explosions, particles, smoke, bokeh, water, and pretty much everything else you can think. I shoot in HD or higher resolution at high frame rates (the result = slow motion!)

After the physical shoot, we pre-key or mask the footage so it's ready to be used creatively in a production process, and then upload it to Draw Shoot Move as a clip in one of our packages.

Finally, you, whether you're a motion graphics designer, animator, vfx compositor, editor, videographer... Can sign up for a free Draw Shoot Move account, and download these clips for free, up to 5 downloads a day.

Why free?

I want to build an easily accessible, online library of VFX quality stock footage for creative use. I also believe that these assets shouldn't cost nearly a hundred dollars per clip, and I envisage them being used by everyone from university students to agency contractors.

So please, check out our terms and conditions of use, our privacy policy, and start exploring our footage in one of our packages, and start imagining the awesome piece of video art you could create! 

By being a free member you can look forward to:

Regular updates of new packages/clips.
Engagement with members through our mailiong list and social media to decide what stock to create next.
Improvements as hardware and resolutions improve

Full disclosure: I plan to introduce a paid tier eventually (with unlimited downloads and premium clips), but I also plan to keep at least 50% of Draw Shoot Move's library free for account holders!

For now, you'll have to be satisfied with free. I hope Draw Shoot Move can help you make video awesome!